Sexting Dicks and Raping Chicks, the Private Lives of Professional Athletes Are Not So Private

In the wake of the Tiger Woods scandal,  Brett Favre’s indecent exposure, and the upcoming divorce of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker one starts to wonder why athletes just can’t seem to make their marriages work.  In the land of fame and excess is it becoming impossible for one to remain faithful to his wedding vows?  Are the temptations just too large or are the allegations not always true?

High profile family law attorneys are beginning to include clauses in their client’s prenuptial agreements stating the if the wife files for divorce because the husband cheated that he won’t be penalized financially.  It is now becoming known as the “bad boy provision.”  According to Randy Kessler, an Atlanta based family law attorney, roughly half of his office’s 500 active cases involve adultery. Luckily for those filing for divorce in Arizona, the community property laws do not take into account bad behavior when making property divisions.  Something to think about when deciding where to divorce.

With TMZ and other paparazzi continuously hunting for the next big story it is becoming next to impossible for professional athletes to keep their secret rendezvous so secret.  But why the need to cheat in the first place?  Steven Ortiz, an associate professor of sociology at Oregon State University, who has spent nearly 20 years studying the wives of professional athletes, blames it on what he calls the “spoiled-athlete syndrome.”  Since childhood these athletes have been praised because of their talents and become used to getting whatever they want, especially in a culture where celebrity is celebrated and athletic heroes are worshiped.

I personally blame it on the gold diggers and groupies.  Scantily clad women religiously follow professional athletes, hoping to be noticed or, gasp, taken back to the hotel room with one of them.  When you are fortunate enough to watch these pathetic women throw themselves at athletes who they know are married in hopes of them “falling in love with them” or at least having a good story to tell their friends, one begins to wonder what has happened to our society.  When did morals go out the window the second a celebrity is around?  When did being good at a sport begin to enable one to do whatever they want without thinking about or caring about the consequences?  How can a man possibly remain faithful when there are women constantly around them, willing to do whatever it takes to spend an evening with them?  Most importantly, are these less than credible women (for the most part) telling the truth or just creating a scandal to get paid off just to go away?

These women should not feel special for being the chosen one these athletes cheat on their wives with.  Just look at Tiger.  He cheated on Elin with strippers, porn stars, and other women with questionable ethics.  They want someone who will do what they tell them to do and will completely rely on them.  Someone to further feed their egos, and hopefully someone who won’t run to the press.  Depending on your level of fame, many athletes have not been so lucky.

As these sports sex scandals continue to heat up, lawyers are becoming a necessary counterpart from the first cry of rape or adultery.  Elin had a team of 6 lawyers figure out her divorce.  Kobe Bryant and Ben Roethlisberger needed their legal teams to get them out of rape charges and to file counter suits for damages including extortion, abuse of process and defamation.  Favre’s lawyers will continue to try to find out the truth behind the allegations of penis texts sent to Jenn Sterger and try to clean up the Wrangler family man’s image in the process.  The role of the lawyer for these athletes is as immense as the imagination can conjure up.  From settling to keep pictures and stories out of the press, to counter suits to try to restore these athlete’s images, to defending criminal allegations and finalizing divorces, the role of the sports lawyer is increasingly encompassing more and more areas of law.

In a country obsessed with gossip and drama, one can only imagine what the next sports sex scandal will bring and I know there will be a lawyer ready to handle whatever is thrown at their client and to do their best to clean up the mess in the process.  Heaven help the poor wife left with the wake of embarrassment.  They should call up Elin’s lawyers, everyone knows how well Tiger’s “transgressions” worked out for her in the end.  If the Tony Parker adultery allegations are true, that prenup may not be as rock solid as he had hoped.

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  1. well said Crystal

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